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looking to fly this weekend? reena ninan has been looking at this and joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it's a threat coming from al qaeda's most dangerous affiliate. a group that's tried to attack the u.s. homeland four times. using the most innovative and sophisticated ieds. it doesn't specify a target or a country, making it all the more worrying for travelers. it's a new travel warning coming at the height of the busy summer travel season. a threat, officials say, comes from al qaeda leadership in yemen. >> we can say with some measure of confidence that it's al qaeda-linked. attempting, obviously, to focus its attacks in the united states, u.s. interests, u.s. personnel. >> reporter: after amman al zawahiri, in a taped message, encourages attacks in the middle east. a worldwide travel alert issued friday, cautions americans traveling abroad, of the potential for terrorists to attack public transportation systems and other tourist inf infrastructure. >> i feel like they're not telling us the complete truth. a halfway truth. i try to put it behind
level. abc's martha raddatz has the very latest now from washington. martha, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this was a dramatic overnight operation under high security. almost all u.s. personnel loaded onto an air force c-17 to fly them to safety. the ambassador himself is already in washington and will not likely be returning any time soon. this plot leads to the highest levels of al qaeda and the man who was once bin laden's closest associate. a senior u.s. official tells abc news that it was ayman al zawahiri from somewhere in pakistan who directed al wuhayshi, the head of yemen's al qaeda to carry out an attack with significance. u.s. intelligence intercepted the communication between the two men, which prompted the closure of embassies throughout the mideast, africa and south asia. >> this group is fairly ingenious, fairly bold and eager to cause damage. >> reporter: the initial target is believed to be the u.s. embassy in yemen. and this morning, this is why the state department has ordered the evacuation of all non-emergency personnel from yemen beca
. it was not his first crash. in 2009, he and his mother were rescued from a washington state river, after the plane he was piloting had engine trouble. what caused his plane to crash on friday, roughly a mile before the runway remains a mystery. just two minutes before the crash, he told air traffic controllers that despite the weather, he had the runway in sight. >> are you going to be able to main tan visual contact with the airport? >> 622 is in visual contact now. >> reporter: moments later, the cockpit of his twin-engine plane was in flames. now that all of the bodies have been recovered, investigators are returning to the scene behind me this morning to try to figure out how and why this happened. bianna? >> devastation for that mother who lost two of her children. our thanks to you. >>> we're going to learn to a major development this morning in the intense, all-out manhunt for a san diego murder suspect and the teenage girl he's believed to have kidnapped. his car was found in a remote location in idaho. now, the two were spotted by a man on horseback. abc's clayton sandell is in
. that panda palooza, we're talking about. party time at washington's national zoo. a cuddly cub has been born. we have pictures and a big comeback story. >>> a national treasure, a wildfire at yosemite national park. thousands of people are being evacuated. and now, the governor of california has been forced to take an extreme measure. abc's neal karlinsky is right there in groveland, california. neal, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. california's governor has declared a state of emergency, for the city of san francisco, 150 miles from here, because of the threat to the power and water supply. power and water lines for san francisco, apparently run right through here. and they are now in danger because of this fire. this morning, fire teams are grappling with a seemingly insurmountable challenge. >> get the top of the tree. >> reporter: to take on this massive wildfire, in steep, rugged terrain, before it reaches the heart of one of most's most press teen treasures. yosemite, with its waterfalls and famed peaks, like el capitan, are still open. and the landmarks remain untouched.
weapons on its own people. let's bring in john karl, joining us this morning from washington. what are the options that the administration are considering here? >> well, it all comes down to air strikes against the syrian government. possible air strikes against airfields, against military headquarters. but there is a divide in the administration about how forcefully to respond. one thing not on the table is sending in ground forces. this would be some form of air attack to send a message to syria this is unacceptable and to degrade their ability to do it again. >> we remember this president was very, very critical of the last president, george w. bush for taking action in iraq without u.n. approval. is there any talk that president obama would act unilaterally without u.n. approval? >> that's a big question and hotly debated in the white house is what to do in terms of the united nations. russia has a veto at the u.n. russia has blocked any measures to punish syria up to this time. there is consideration of trying to go back to the u.n., trying to convince the russians that syria
, more clouds than we have been seeing. this is what it's like in washington, d.c., they are also going to be very chilly compared to average. average 87, they're going end up only in the low 70s. a little cooler with the easterly flow off the ocean. as far as the severe weather in the nation, you have one small pocket, aberdeen, grand forks and fargo, damaging winds and possibly hail. something you'll be watching your local abc stations later on for. phoenix now starting to cool down a little bit, and by cool down, i mean 109 today. that's the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> chicago is about to have their warmest weekend in a couple of weeks. we'll be looking at their picture and forecast in the next half hour. >>> i don't know if this is weather-related, but there's an alarming trend, a frightening amount of bear attacks. >> hikers, hunters and others are face to face with the hungry creatures preparing for hibernation. linzie janis has this story. >> reporter: this morning an alaska hunter was brutally mauled by a brown bear. it all happened nearly 300 miles from civiliza
moment. we have team coverage of this crisis. terry moran in beirut. pierre thomas in washington. we're going to start with abc's jim avila at the white house. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the president has not decided which option to take. but the u.n. weapons inspectors have left the country. and the window is now open for a u.s. military strike on syria. a war-weary president meets with his national security council. delivering the commander in chief strike options that are targeted, limited, no boots on the ground. >> we are looking at the possibility of a limited, narrow act. >> reporter: the white house, opening the window for a military response. delivering an intelligence report, based on medical personnel, satellites, social media videos and intercepts from syrian officials, that found 1,429 people killed in the chemical weapons attack. 426 of those, children. >> instead of being tucked safely in their beds at home, we saw rows of children, dead from assad's gas. >> reporter: the secretary of state calling syria's president a thug and murderer. >> this
on tape during a bank robbery in washington state. >> that's right, good samaritans came to the rescue, stopping the thief and holding him until the cops arrived. tai hernandez is here with the story. these are some brave customers, tai. >> they were never in personal danger but it did it anyway. they were determined to stop an alleged robber who was armed. this morning, an exclusive look at the moment a bank heist goes horribly wrong for this alleged robber. wearing a towel and carrying a picnic basket, the suspect enters the wells fargo branch in everett, washington, demands money, and makes a run for it. hot on his heels was one of his victims. >> he sn't looking where he was going, he ran into the side of my vehicle. there was money flying everywhere. >> tracy fry sprang into action. >> i could hear people yelling to stop him. i pulled the truck up and blocked him. >> more witnesses joined in and pinned the would-be bandit down. >> we've got somebody that looks like they were stealing something and a bunch of guys tackled him. they've got him on the ground. >> fry, an army veteran,
anniversary of the march on washington, widely recognized as the defining moment in the civil rights movement. events are planned throughout the week, to remember dr. martin luther king jr.'s dream and his passionate call for an end to racism in the united states. abc's reena ninan spoke to people who were there that day and are ready to relive that historic walk once again. good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this isn't just a victory lap for civil rights. activists and organizers tell us that what moved a nation to come here half a century ago, the issues of equal pay, equal rights, they still remain. ♪ oh, freedom >> reporter: they came in busloads from cities across america. and this morning, lynn french is preparing to make the journey back to the lincoln memorial, where americans demanded an end to racial inequality, after scenes like this. >> we were behind his shoulder in this picture. >> reporter: french was just 16 years old when she attended the march. on saturday, her daughter, tanya, will join her to commemorate 50 years since that historic moment. >> i have
with vladimir putin, saying it just wasn't worth it. and abc's jonathan karl is in washington this morning with the very latest here. jon, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. well, the president's decision to cancel that summit with vladimir putin comes as u.s./russian relations are at their frostiest since the cold war. the last time putin and president obama got together, the tension was obvious as they clashed over syria. now, the relationship is even worse. the last time a u.s. president canceled a planned meeting in russia was 1960, the height of the cold war, before even the cuban missile crisis. putin has carefully crafted his image as a russian strongman. showing off his physique on horseback, dominating foes in the hockey rink and on the judo mat. and just last month, catching some mighty big fish. even perfected the art of the icy stare. >> that seems to be his preferred style during press conferences, sitting back and not looking too excited. >> reporter: in cancelling the moscow summit, the white house cited not just russia's decision to grant temporary asylum
programs. according to documents leaked by edward snowden and obtained by "the washington post," the national security agency broke privacy rules or overstepped its legal bounds thousands of times each year since congress granted it new powers in 2008. in one example, a programming error confused the area code in washington, d.c., 202, for the international dialing code for egypt, 20, resulting in calls from washington being mistakenly intercepted. >>> and also this morning, new concerns about the safety of the nation's nuclear power plants. an investigation requested by the pentagon found all 107 nuclear reactors in america are still vulnerable to a 9/11-style attack, because they're only required to guard against small-scale attacks carried out by five or six people. >>> and two developing stories overseas right now. several strong earthquakes shook new zealand overnight. the strongest, a 6.5 quake sent office workers running for cover. and sent items flying off store shelves. but no serious injuries have been reported. >>> and overnight in japan, a pair of explosions rocked
after the march on washington. and one of the most famous speeches ever made, the president returns to the lincoln memorial today, with a renewed call on race equality in america right now. >> free at last. >>> breaking overnight. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones separate after almost 13 years. insiders reveal the a-listers are taking a break. what's driven one of hollywood's high-wattage couples apart? >>> and meet the new american teen phenom shooting to stardom overnight. her father once trapped under the rubble of a massive earthquake, cheering her on. this morning, victoria duval's cinderella story. >>> and good morning, america. so many developments happening right now. this just in, the first confirmation from the u.n. team in syria. that civilians were attacked by a chemical substance, killing hundreds. the u.s. and britain have made the charge. now, the u.n. is weighing in, as well. >> and the fallout could be affecting us here at home in the u.s. major american websites were knocked out overnight by vicious cyberattacks. big concerns that financial institutions cou
, to washington, starting with abc's jim avila at the white house. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it is a huge day here. as the obama administration makes its case to congress, the nation and the world, that a military attack on syria is justified. the president, shutting himself in the west wing today. no public events, no public appearances. just a laser focus as he meets with his national security team. president obama has a big decision to make. his intelligence team has decided syria has done the unthinkable, killed its own people and threatened the rest of the world, including america's national security with deadly, poisonous gas. >> you are not only breaking international norms and standards of decency, but you're also creating a situation where u.s. national interests are affected. and that needs to stop. >> reporter: the president telling pbs, in his first extensive comments on the syrian attack, that he plans on sending a strong message to bashar al assad -- >> i have no interest in an open-ended conflict in syria. but we do have to make sure, when c
get to new york and washington, d.c., chicagoland, wednesday into thursday, those numbers are m co-ing up a little bit. we'll get back into the 90s, if you've been waiting for that kind of thing. quick look at the big board. we're talking about the very heavy rain in the southeast. still have the tropical moisture. any shower you >> good morning, dallas-ft. worth, about 97 degrees. all of that weather was brought to you by target. >> love that st. louis picture. >>> coming up, the cost of winning on "the price is right." why one contestant says it may not be worth it. >>> and julianna and bill rancic not be worth it. >>> and julianna and bill rancic reveal how they make it work. ♪ ♪ ♪ but a good morning? that's defined by you. bailey's coffee creamers. fourteen flavors, three delicious new choices. served on a toasted pretzel roll, our new bacon avocado chicken sandwich comes with fries and your choice of soup or salad. it's just one of chili's delicious lunch break combos. more life happens here. the triple-groove wand combs through for clump-free length. while potion with s
with you. looking at a live shot of washington, d.c. right here at times square, we're going to get rain and showers. a lot of that will start to happen after the broadcast. we might make it dry through the show. but then, we're going to pick up some storms, certainly. so, a little bit of that live shot of washington, d.c. the eastern weather, we'll show you there. northwestern weather. and the fly-by, to let you know that's the weather around the >> we are live in times square. let's go inside to -- >> all: lara. >> all right. thank you. >>> and here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." bachelorette desiree, speaking out for the first time since having her heartbroken on national tv. >>> plus, why parents are fighting back against the way energy drinks are being sold to kids. >>> and get ready for a massive "deals & steals." tory has deals up to 80% off. handbags and jewelry. all just for you "gma" viewers. so, stay with us, live from times square. times square. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you deserve more than justo flexibility and convenience. so here are a few reasons to choos
tips have poured in since amber alerts were expanded to include, oregon, washington and nevada. dimaggio is a friend of the andersons. and detectives say he may have developed an infatuation, a crush on hannah. also for the first time, a statewide amber alert was sent out to nearly every cell phone in california. but no confirmed sightings of him. >> and time of the essence in this search. all right, brandi, our thanks to you. >>> in other news, researchers say a virus may be to blame for dozens of mysterious dolphin deaths along the east coast, the worst in a quarter-century. 124 of the animals have been found stranded since july. now, the virus is spread from dolphin-to-dolphin. >>> and a stunt at the annual motorcycle rally in sturgis, south dakota, went horribly wrong. a daredevil was set to ride throughout the tunnel of fire. hoping to set a world record. he drives in. but the crowd soon notices, he never drives out. a section inside that tunnel flaming tunnel collapsed. the driver made it out. he suffered some burns. but he is okay this morning. >>> and imagine buying the tic
from a so-called black budget. nsa leaker edward snowden handed these details over to "the washington post," revealing the cia is spending nearly $15 billion this year. that's more than any other spy agency. it also shows the national security agency has spent $278 million in the last year, paying american companies for access to their phone calls, e-mails, as well as other communications. >>> also reportedly in the documents leaked by snowden, new revelations about osama bin laden's death. they show that the military conducted a dna test at a lab in afghanistan to confirm bin laden's identity after he was killed. last year, the pentagon said it could find no record of such files. >>> and supporters of legalizing marijuana are cheering the obama administration's decision not to challenge the laws in washington and colorado. so, that means that people in those states can use weed and get a license to grow. but they must keep it away from children as well as federal property. >>> and the irs has announced a new tax rules for same-sex couples. if those couples are legally married, no mat
martha raddatz who is in washington where she's filling in for george on "this week" this morning. martha, we've got beefed up security, both here in the u.s. and overseas. should we read into this that american officials think there's a truly imminent threat here, or is this really out of an abundance of caution? >> it is out of an abundance of caution, but it is also a very real and very serious threat. as nick said, it comes out of yemen. yemen is such a dangerous place, and if you look at the history of yemen, that's where the underwear -- the so-called underwear bomber came from and tried to get that bomb on a plane to go off. that's what they're worried about. that's why the domestic threat and the domestic warnings because they don't know whether this will be on an airplane, an air base, an embassy, a consulate. they don't know, so they want to be very cautious about this. what they do know is that they have these intercepts, and the terrorists in yemen have said it will be a significant strike, a strategically significant strike, and it will be, quote, big. >> and, martha, this un
global affairs correspondent martha raddatz joins us now with more from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. this morning, the u.s. intelligence community is doing everything possible to try and find out exactly what the target is, but the state department is not taking any chances. shutting down embassies across the muslim world. the concern is so great, the threat so specific, that some of america's biggest and most important embassies in the world are closing their doors. from egypt, to iraq, kuwait, bahrain, and afghanistan. every embassy and consulate in muslim countries will be closed on sunday. a senior u.s. official telling abc news, there is a specific threat, a concerted effort against a u.s. embassy or consulate. we just don't know what the specific target is. another u.s. official adding, there could be other targets, not just embassies. we just aren't sure. not since the first anniversary of 9/11 has there been a mass closing of embassies, due to an intelligence threat. >> the department has been apprised of information that out of an abundance
flood hijacked manitou springs. killing one. and in washington state, flooding stranded 65 hikers. this morning, they're safe. a fierce downpour had washed away their only road off the mountain. a temporary trail got them out alive. how much rain are we talking? three-plus inches right there in that red zone. and all the way through the mid-atlantic, southeast, raleigh included. here in new york city, we could do it to. we could see, already south and west of philadelphia, 3 inches. >> right outside, too. thanks. >>> we'll get to the other top stories. josh, that baseball tragedy. >> yeah. it is. every time you hear about something like this, it's just terrible. we're going to begin there. a horrifying scene last night at atlanta at the braves game. a fan falling from the upper deck there. this morning, police trying to figure out what led to this fatal fall. the man fell from the 400-level upper deck of turner field, on to the players' parking lot just outside the stadium. >> it's terrible. just -- you knew he wasn't going to make it. >> reporter: the fall, 65 feet, directly to t
the black boxes are recovered, they'll be taken to washington, d.c. we could have some answers to what happened here relatively soon. lara? >> david, thank you so much. really scary. people woke up to the sound of sputtering and then massive explosions. real close call. >> indeed, it was. >>> josh with the rest of the news. >> we're going to begin with a desperate rescue effort to save a little boy abducted from his home. the suspect, you're going to see here, actually speeding away from police, in her backseat. this 8-month-old. abc's john muller shows us how this highway drama ended with all of it caught on camera. >> reporter: this dramatic dash cam footage shows the suspect driving at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. an amber alert was issued for 8-month-old boy, after the mother said her friend disappeared with her son. >> when the mother came back out, the suspect, the vehicle and the child were gone. >> reporter: kristyn howard posted on the suspect's facebook page, i just want my baby. the suspect replied, i'm on a money mission. nobody can stop me. hours later, the 2003 gray
. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> that's some weekend, huh? >> yeah, beats the alternative. i mean, they're safe. the most important thing. >>> we turn now to an incredible survival story. a 12-year-old girl attacked by a black bear, not once, but twice, and she manages to get away. this morning she describes those horrifying moments and abc's linzie janis is here with her story. good morning, linzie, so glad she's okay. >> good morning, lara. she is such a brave, little girl. abby wetherell was mauled by a bear in cadillac, michigan, now after three nights in the hospital she is home with her family and talking about her ordeal exclusively to "good morning america." >> i was terrified. >> reporter: abby wetherell says not only did she come face to face with a black bear like this one, she thought it would be the last face she'd ever see. >> i was thinking, oh, my gosh, this is it. i'm not going to live. >> reporter: the 12-year-old was jogging along this trail thursday night when she ran across the several hundred-pound animal. >> all of a sudden the bear g
washington, d.c., starting, you can see right there, looking very much the same. close to 90. but scattered thunderstorms will work their way through. right here in new york, too. so,, a very stormy, august-like day we're going to see. atlanta, 88. 93, memphis. midland at 93. it's not going to last forever. the northeast is going to get a cold front. boston goes from near-90 today to 76 by the time we start the weekend. new york city flips below 80 degrees on saturday. washington, d.c. will end up in the low 80s. we go from above average to belo >>> good morning, i'm mike nicco. a more normal flow around the bay area. no thunderstorms, no fire threat. temperatures running from 89 inland to 63 at the coast. we have wa >> this weather report, brought to you by chico's. a little shot of august. i love it. >> looking forward to the september stuff. >> you can have my muggy. >> i'll take it. >>> still to come, dr. phil now under fire. the tweet that has sparked so much outrage, focused on his show. >>> and then, the model who lost 70 pounds with strict diet and exercise. proudly posting her befo
because of an earlier accident at sampson and washington, rolling delay there. >> when we come >>> a look at the small craft advisory. we have some breezes on the bay that will go into the delta, 15 to 25 knots 2:00 to 9:00 this afternoon. stepping out, it's great in most areas. inland areas seeing sunshine. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. today we'll be about 1 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be warm again >>> you wanted the wanted. >> well, you got the wanted. >> from backstage. >> in central park. >> in new york city. >> all: good morning, america. >> wow. >> one take. impressive. so, to sum up, they are the wanted. and with that special message for our viewers, which we now share today. look at the crowd down there. the park is said to be jam-packed. thankfully, the skies have kept the rain away. and, boy, they are going to be getting after it in about an half hour. >> so glad they came. had to say it. it's a big, big morning here. we have a party bus. people going down. they're playing songs that you, our viewers, have chosen. so, we're going to do that. >>> we're also g
. >> reporter: the little cub was born squawking. and healthy at the smithsonian zoo in washington, d.c. watch on panda cam as momma mei xiang scoops it up to nurse and nuzzles it. >> every time one is born, it's a big deal. >> reporter: due to a protective mother, it took them more than 36 hours before they could finally examine it sunday. >> i actually had the cub in my hand and pulled it out and it started vocalizing. >> reporter: the tiny cub the shape and weight of a stick of butter is strong but its gender will have to remain a mystery for another couple of weeks. the panda mei xiang actually gave birth to twins and the second was stillborn. they rarely survive in the wild so greeting this healthy cub with more than a little excitement. >> we have one that is doing well. >> reporter: so happy because panda cubs are born entirely helpless, no eye, ears and fully dependent on their mothers, yet in the past two months they have delivered four cubs including the miraculous set of twins we met at zoo atlanta. this is extremely unusual. >> very unusual. these are the only panda twins to ever s
raddatz is tracking the latest and joins us this morning from washington. good morning. >> reporter: intelligence officials are tracking this threat full time this morning. while the u.s. is closing even more embassies and some may stay closed even beyond this week. u.s. officials are focusing particularly on yemen this morning. believing al qaeda operatives are already in place there and possibly other countries as well, just waiting for the opportunity to strike. intelligence committee member dutch ruppersberger told me on "this week," this is dead serious. >> those operatives are in place because we received information that high-level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> reporter: communications from the al qaeda affiliate in yemen intercepted by the u.s. revealed chilling details of a terror plot al qaeda believes is going to be big and strategically significant. >> i had a briefing with the vice president. it is scary. >> it could be a series of combined attacks so we have to be ready for everything. >> reporter: especially troubli
be 83. today, only 75. places like washington, d.c. should be the upper 80s. and 78, not making it to 80 degrees. more like september as we go to the latter half of the week. it will start to warm up and over the weekend, a little summer will come back. i warned you about that rain. this is only 24-hour rainfall totals. i'm going to show you charleston, savanna, if you're anywhere in that bull's eye, you're going to get drenched today. regular flood watches for mississippi, louisiana, and parts of southern alab >>> good morning. i'm mike nicco. summer warmth away from the coast today. coast you'll see more clouds and it will be cool. check out your accuweather seven-day forecast. sea breeze makes it slightly cooler thursday, friday, and saturday, but summer >> this weather report, brought to you by tempurpedic. fall-like. you see that? with the little leaves. >> one might even say autumnal. >> acknowledge. >>> hey, everybody, coming up on the show. he is the youtube sensation who b bottle-feeds, he showers and dances and who knows what else. those are raccoons. they are his babies. and h
to washington. 70 in san francisco. the coast is okay. but that heat is spreading. you have the high-pressure system. it will take clockwise. salt lake city, near 100 >> this weather report brought to you by thomas' english muffins. that's a look at the country. but i have plenty of weather to cover. >> that's a rough map. >> it's a rough sight outside of the windows. >>> coming up here, defying gravity. thousands of feet in the air. fearless females going viral with their jaw-dropping moves. >>> and the high-end water as pricey as wine. can you believe $40 a bottle for water? nick watt did the test. ♪ go ahead and call me, call me, call me. ♪ ♪ you don't have to worry 'bout it baby. ♪ ♪ you can wake me up in the dead of the night. ♪ ♪ wreck my plans, baby that's alright. ♪ ♪ this is a drop everything kinda thing. ♪ ♪ swing on by i'll pour you a drink. ♪ ♪ the door's unlocked i'll leave on the lights. ♪ there's only one place to get more luke bryan as soon as you feelon it, try miralax. it works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your co
behind the cold front. the numbers, slipping off as we start the weekend. washington, d.c., 83. 84 for sunday. that's >> we remember that scream. what wants to hear the wanted? >> i love it. >>> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a battle against cheaterville. a couple says a nasty online post ruined their lives. >>> it is the most desired dress in the world. it's the frenzy over princess kate's latest fashion choice. >>> and "gma's" exclusive access to the panda nursery. and the huge announcement you are involved with. those are real. and so is this. the wanted, live, in central park. for you on "gma." ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. ♪ catering to the conveniently located has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. we get to see everyone in america almost every day. and we've noticed that you're sending and receiving more packages than ever. so we wanted to give you a more reliable way to ship them. with improved priority mail flat rate. don't just take our word fo
to washington, d.c. in four years because plans to replace the convention center and the arena. the plans are not definite right now. so as you would expect, all thing cans change. >>> and keeping with the superhero theme, batman returns to baltimore. he is visiting patients and staff today. you may remember him after he got pulled over last year çóon route 29 while driving his batmobile. and he will be promoting the save a limb walk and festival. >>> this is what we are seeing as we see patchy fog still in spots. but also startling see t(sunshi out there. this will be the trend throughout the day, the sun and clouds. not going to rule out a chance for a cared storm into Ñithe afternoon. temperature right now at 73 degrees. and the dew point is at 68. we are going to be dealing with muggy conditions for today. the high coming in at 8 6 degrees. don't leave the house without the umbrella. let's get a check of the traffic now. >>> well, if you are headed downtown, the jfx overall is in good shape. a little bit of congestion southbound at pleasant street and fayette street. through the tu
had a profound effect in washington. secretary of state john kerry saying in no uncertain terms that what the assad regime has done will not go unpunished. >> make no mistake, president obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> reporter: for kerry the attacks seemed personal. >> as a father, i can't get the image out of my head of a man who held up his dead child, wailing while chaos swirled around him. >> reporter: while the administration is convinced a chemical attack occurred, the u.n. is proceeding with its investigation. those inspectors who came under sniper fire donning bulletproof vests to interview survivors. while u.n. authorization would be ideal, it is doubtful that will come. >> if the united states stands by and doesn't take very serious action, not just launching some cruise missiles, then, again, our credibility in the world is diminished even more, if there's any left. >> so, martha, as you said, this military strike could come soon. a tricky calculation by
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